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Rye Midcap by Hopeful-Star Rye Midcap by Hopeful-Star
Rye also half belongs to him too so ye
Edit 2: Cleaned up some things (nothing too major) and added how he was as a kid and teenager as well as other facts 
First name: Rye 
Middle name(s): Anthony 
Maiden Name: Midcap
Surname: Blackwood (when he marries Lucas)
Supernatural Species: Guardian Angel 
Species: Arctic Rabbit  
Age: 18  
Date of birth: April 12 
Race: -
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual 
Current residence: living in Lucas' attic 
Relationship status: Taken by Lucas (GlichieVirus)
Social status: - 

Traits of Voice

Accent (if any): None
Language spoken: English 
Other languages known: -
Style of speaking: a slightly deep voice 
Volume of voice: it depends on who he is around 

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'3 
Weight: 120lbs 
Eye colour: in pic 
Distinguishing features: the tear drop mark on his cheek 
Build of body: Athletic build 
Hair colour: in pic
Hair style: In pic
Posture: good
Tattoos: none 
Piercings: -
Scars: a stab wound scar can be seen on his chest 
Is seen by others as: Strangers: He is an enigma since he is loved and feared. XD Feared because he beats people up to protect others but loved due to his personality when he calms down.
Lucas/friends: A nerd who has issues, but a good friend nonetheless
Penis/Bra size: -


Likes: food, eating, alternative rock, later likes Marina and the Diamonds, Melanie Martinez, and Halsey (thanks to Lucas), parkour, fighting, playing video games, roleplaying, causing trouble for those who cross him (formerly but he will still do it for the sake of protecting others), LUCAS AF, protecting people, being petted (Lucas only), singing, writing, flying, gymnastics, sports in general, working as a stage manager, etc (will add more later)
Dislikes: homophobes, anyone who has crossed him, bullies, failing, being forced into drama, criminals, the city's government, politics, crowds, being touched (Lucas is one of the few who can touch him), DRAKE, his mother, seeing others hurt, cooking, cleaning, speeches, acting, pain, etc (will add more later)
Education: Has went to public school and will go to college 
Fears: Losing Lucas, becoming a fallen angel, suffocation, government taking down the rebellion, people coming after him, thunderstorms, knives for a while, etc 
Personal goals: To bring equality to his city, protecting Lucas and others the best he can, bettering himself as a person, and making the world a better place
Regrets: Letting a demon influence his actions, leaving Lucas, his angry phase, and not being able to hide his emotions well enough  
General attitude:

As a child: Shy, Quiet, Emotional, Paranoid, Cowardly, Sweet, Loving, Caring, Innocent, Protective, and Needy

During his teenager years (aka angst years) : Angry, Hotheaded, Crazy, Broken, Emotional, Cocky, Not taking anyone's crap, Protective, but tries to be kid Rye to friends 

Rye now (aka in recovery from abuse and trauma) : Protecive, Confident, Outgoing, Determined, Hotheaded (he has his moments), starting to chill out, Flirty, Perverted, Cocky, Emotional, Sweet, Loving, Caring, Affectionate, Needy, he is basically a combo of Kid and Teenager Rye with his own additonal traits 

Religious values: "What's a religion?"
General intelligence: Slightly above average, but acts stupid
General sociability: Social Butterfly

Illnesses (if any): - 
Allergies (if any): Cigarette smoke 
Sleeping habits: sleep cuddler and sleep talker
Energy level: has a lot of energy
Eating habits: normal
Memory: average 
Any unhealthy habits: None


Parents: Cameron Midcap (Mother), Jasper Midcap (Step dad that he thought was his real father), Alastair (Actual father)
Cousins: Dirk 
Any enemies (and why): Drake- Drake is pretty much the exact opposite of Rye. Rye hates people like him, so when the two are around, they just want to beat each other to a pulp. 
Anyone who has had their life ruined by him for obvious reasons even though Rye has changed (some forgive some don't)
The government since Rye is part of a rebellion. 
Children: None
Friends: Lucas, Makoto, Uriel, Rynn, Rebeka, Jackson, Dirk, Kit, Alex, Clay (GlichieVirus), Day, Angel, Axel, Karmalitta (cherivil),  (will add more later)
Important friends/relatives (explain): Lucas- These two are childhood friends who will eventually become lovers. They both help each other in times of need, had only each other in school, always came over to each others houses, and overall just had a lot of fun with each other. They are inseparable and Lucas is one of the few Rye will let touch and not act grumpy to. They both can read each other like books due to how close they are. 

Jackson- Jackson is like a father to Rye, taking him in the rebellion as a protege after watching him fight a group of kids who were bullying others. Rye thinks that Jackson is a cool guy, despite his weird tendencies, and hopes to get to know him better as time goes on. (Belongs to GlichieVirus)

Love interest (if there is one): his boyfriend Lucas


Peaceful or violent: Violent af, especially when angered
Weapon (if applicable): Do his fists count? He also has light powers (uses it for attacks and can refract it to make him and anyone next to him invisible)
Style of fighting: close up and hand to hand 
Strength: fast, able to quickly predict others, can throw quite a punch, has his powers, good reflexes, can use parkour and gymnastics to his advantage, flexible af (due to gymnastics), and he's strong 
Neutral: Due to his mother's abuse, he has formed a slight pain tolerance 
Weakness: doesn't have defense, anything new to him he will freak out and be a sitting duck, doesn't know when to stop, most of the time go in there swinging, and lets anger decide his actions (when he is angry of course), can let emotion overrule logic, mental and dark magic (if if overpowers him) 

Occupation: Rescuer in the Underground and Protege in the Rebellion 
Current home: small home 
Favourite types of food: Anything 
Favourite types of drink: Anything 
Hobbies/past times: Parkour, jamming out, training, spending time with Lucas, singing, making light shows, etc
Guilty pleasures: Lucas petting him, just his touch in general
Pet peeves: People making assumptions, people that think they are special snowflakes when they're not, stupidity, any inequality, douchebags, etc (will add more later)
Pets: His son is a Rowlet that he saved named Owl Capone
Talents: Parkour, gymnastics, fighting, can use his powers to create light shows, singing, etc (will add more later)
Favourite colours: yellow, white, black, and brown (hehe)
Favourite type of music: Alternative Rock and Melanie Martinez, Marina and the Diamonds, and Halsey

Fun Facts: Lucas and Rye live next door to each other, so they would blare out their music to each other to prove who's was better. They both got into each other's genres instead. Hence the three artists above for Rye.
Rye would just jump over to Lucas' window to go over to his house.
He is the only person in his family to not hate Dirk. 
Rye is considered to be the knight to Lucas' prince. This was official after a roleplay they did. He uses it to flirt, but takes it seriously as well.
People in school fear him after he found out about his powers by snapping and beating up a group of kids. The parents wanted him expelled, but it didn't happen after Rye proved himself. 
His mother is very power hungry and due to fear of losing power to Rye, she constantly abused and belittled him. This has made the broken and the reason he has grown the way he did. (Aka his personality)
He found out he was an angel by trying to show off his parkour skills to Lucas, the extreme amount of happiness he felt resulted in him getting his wings. Since finding out his abilities and such work the same way as how Rye's powers work: emotion.
Rye is considered a protector of kids who gets bullied and can't protect themselves, so he fights and stands up for anyone being bullied. 
He is considered a troublemaker because of the last fact, but in actuality, he's far from it. 
In a way, he's rebelling against the angels due to protecting multiple people. 
He keeps his heroism lowkey so he won't be noticed. Or at least tries to.
His powers are based off his emotions, so when he's feeling any sort of negative emotion, his powers will go out of control. 
The reason why he has a tear drop marking on his cheek is because it represents someone who killed out of loyalty. While he didn't kill anyone, he certainly has roughed people up. He uses it as an intimidation factor for the people that know what it means.
That last fact turned out to be a lie made by his mother, to hide that Jasper wasn't his actual father. He was actually conceived after a one night stand with Alastair.
Rye dyed the majority of his hair grey to avoid looking like his mother. Since he has her looks, with the exception of the tear drop marking which came from Alastair. He does not like her due to being a manipulative whore would do anything for sex or money and feigned kindness and care just to lie to him and abuse him.
He makes covers for songs and uploads them to YouTube in his spare time.
Since he is an Arctic Rabbit, he can handle the cold 
(Will add more later)
I hope you guys like him! He's open for rps! Heneedsfriendsandenemiesguys

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